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New Musiland 01USD

Available on-line (in China): tmall

Musiland is starting to refresh all of their offerings. Here is a photo of the new 01 USD

  • Supports USB3.0 power, USB 2.0 high speed interface protocols
  • Capable of 32Bit/384kHz audio processing
  • Precision clock synthesis algorithm, high-precision timing mechanism for handling ultra-low jitter digital processing. (I think this means they are using the larger FPGA)
  • MULINK digital interface (not very useful for us for the time being)
  • Uses Musiland  “sixth generation”  USB-powered circuitry to provide a stable, clean power supply
  • Driver supports Windows 8 operating system

(I am waiting to see the inside of the Musiland 03 Dragon :-))

Soomal just published a “first look” article on this device [link]

Indeed, the FPGA and USB chip have been upgraded (Same ones are use in the 03)

The spdif signals are generated by the FPGA and buffered by a TI HCU04 HEX inverter. This is the same as the previous version, but without the output transformers. Probably a good thing, since may diyers replaced the transformers with higher quality ones.

The 1117 regulators have been replaced by these regulators (S5EBI). Can anyone identify these regulators?

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