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The Theory on Hearing

Here is a blog on the Theory of Hearing (and other topics aimed at audiophiles) [link]

This tutorial contains information garnered from 26 years as a research scientist at Bell Labs in Acoustic Research at Murray Hill, and its lineal descendants, from a variety of papers, from learning while I was an Audio Architect at Microsoft, and when I was Chief Scientist for Neural Audio. It contains ideas gathered from a variety of papers and experiments, done by many people, over a long period of time.

The author has more than sufficient credentials and experience to present an authoritative synopsis on the topic. He concludes:

In summary, the processing done in the brain is exceptionally plastic, and can be guided by a variety of things. The result of all that processing is what we actually, consciously hear.

  • If you listen to something differently (for different features or objects)
    • You will remember different things
    • This is not an illusion
  • If you have reason to assume things may be different
    • You will most likely listen differently
    • Therefore, you will remember different things


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