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CM6631A 384KHz

Took advantage of the new beta firmware for 384K support [link] and tried in the diyinhk CM6631A USB interface.


According to tdtsai,

CM6631 do not have this capability to support 384k/352.8K. So we can’t change firmware to support it. By the way if you want CM6631A to support 384k/352.8K you need use 45/49 pairs external clock.

The diyinhk interface has both the CM6631A chip and also the higher speed clock pair.


I received both firmware and update tool from Mr. tdtsai (see the diyaudio link above)

Current firmware


New Firmware


To play 384KHz material I used quanghao’s DAC (since it requires 100 MHz clock and my Buffalo DAC has an 80 MHz clock)


BTW, users have started to receive the “production” model of the group buy [link]


Well, it plays as advertised. More and more interfaces are moving up the sample rate capability…

Tried both ASIO and WASAPI. Here is the WASAPI setting in foobar:


Here is the ASIO setting in foobar:


  1. iancortez
    June 11, 2013 at 01:42

    Can you provide a link or email me the version of update tool that you have? I tried loading with the ASUS tool but it failed.

  1. November 13, 2017 at 16:37

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