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DSO QUAD Enhancements and Mods

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have updated the DSO QUAD Quick Start Guide [link]

In particular, check the sections where on:

1- Installing a community version of the firmware. There are basically two options: Pedro Simoe’s version and Wildcat’s version.

2- Replacing the ESD protection diode for the digital inputs. This will increase the bandwidth of the digital inputs to 8 MHz or more. You can measure LR clock together with Bit clock (two channels)

Seeedstudio is also sponsoring a DSO application competition with a top prize of $3000. If you can write software for the oscilloscope, considering entering so we we can all benefit from your submission :-). Seems Seeed is putting serious effort in making this scope a more capable product.

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