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Musiland 03 Dragon and CD11T

Here is an innovative device from Musiland. The CD transport is targeted at RMB 2000 (a bit over US$300).

The main feature of this transport is the use of a MicroSD card (also known as TF -Trans Flash) to buffer the data first and then played out of memory card in order to avoid mechanical noise (and jitter). In other words, it seems it is an SD card player with a build-in CD reader/ripper. It would be interesting to see what other features it has including what format is the data stored in the SD card…

There is no announcement on shipping date, and I’ve never seen the device powered-on. So probably still in prototype stage.

Slot loading with a large display spanning across the front plate

All possible digital outputs, including the proprietary MULINK. I read that some of the newer self-powered speakers are MULINK compatible so that you can connect the CD11t straight to a pair of speakers.

The MicroSD card can be replaced through the bottom compartment. I wonder if there is a facility to update the firmware. It could be updated through the SD Card. The feet are too low-tech. This must be a mock up device…

24/96K capability. Seems after the data is extracted from the CD and stored in the SDCard, it is then passed through an ASRC for further jitter removal before it is transmitted through the different interfaces. The ASRC function may be accomplished in an FPGA. Musiland’s devices are all FPGA-based.


Then there is soon to be released Musiland o3 Dragon Edition. I couldn’t find any details about it… I read in the forums, that they are planning on using of a more accurate clock, better power section and improvements in the layout. There is also talk of the “03 USD” which is purely a “high-end” digital interface.

And even speakers

Driver looks like an LCao driver

More info (in Chinese): [link]

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