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Sabre32 vs Sabre32

There is a report on DAC Shootout over at Stereo Mojo. The more interesting part is the round 2 competition between the Anedio DAC 1 and the Eastern Electric Minimax, both based on the top of the line Sabre32 DAC: ES9018 DAC.

I was able to find out the internal construction of both DACs [link1], [link2], [link3], [link4] and I’ve compared them here.

Appearance: Anedio vs Easter Electric

Volume control: Anedio: digital vs Easter Electric: analog

PCB: Anedio: 4-layer, surface mount components; Eastern Electric: 2-layer through hole

Transformer: Anedio vs Eastern Electric

Regulation: Anedio: looks like low noise regulators; Eastern Electric uses standard linear regulators

Clock: Anedio’s clock looks similar to Buffalo II’s clock (Crystek 950)

I/V conversion: Anedio: OPA1632; Eastern Electric: NE5532

SE conversion: ?? vs NE5534

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