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BetterSound: New OSX iTunes Exclusive Mode Player/Plug-in

BetterSound is an alternative to Audionirvana, Pure Music, Amarra…

I use Windows 7 and iTunes. Although I cannot take advantage of this new player, I think this is a great development for the audio community

“At least as good as Audionirvana”

Discussion thread: Head-fi.org and here

…compared it against Amarra in playlist/cache mode and actually like BetterSound better. It has a more open sound than Amarra and Audirvana.  The soundstage is both wider and deeper with better instrument placement.  It also seemed to run as good as iTunes itself.  Don’t think you’d even realize this was playing in the background.  With Amarra, there was always some delay and it couldn’t do gapless with loading whole album into playlist.  Audirvana worked great but had to deal with separate player…


  • Version 0.20: [link]
  • Version 0.21: [link]

New versions will be announced in the thread until the author submits the application to the Apple App Store.

Notable features:

  • Exclusive mode
  • Do not apply sample rate conversion
  • The above two features enables automatic sample rate switching in iTunes, one of the most lacking features of iTunes
  • Two 128MB buffers for playback (good for 3 minutes of 32/96K content)
  • Focus on performance with highly optimized code (minimized thread locking overhead, manual memory management, others)
  • FLAC support (through “Fluke”)

In my opinion, the above features will match all the (bit-perfect) s/w players out there in terms of performance and transparency.

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