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A Couple of Interesting H/W Developments

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The official Arduino team is introducing new boards. You can read the story here: New Arduino. The small board is called ARDUINO UNO. The larger board is the Arduino UNO MEGA. Click the image for a GIANT resolution image (my own Arduino UNO taken with a micro lens)

  • Same form factor, backward compatible with everything and same $30 price
  • New USB interface chip with
    • Has the Arduino team’s own USB vendor ID (this means the OS will recognize the device as “Arduino”).
    • Minor roadblock to clone vendors according to this analysis
  • 3.3V supply is generated by a LDO low noise regulator, increased from 50 mA to 150 mA according to regulator data sheet
  • Available everywhere (I like NKC Electronics). Sometimes you can get it through Amazon with free shipping

Although the update is not really major, it gives the official Arduino board a small advantage over a clone board. As indicated above, the Arduino team has obtained a USB vendor ID and a lot of work has been invested in the branding and aesthetics of the board.

An annotated map of the new board here.

Massimo Banzi’s talk at the UNO introduction here.

Analysis of the new board here. Another good one here.

And more on Arduino for HiFi in my old blog here.


The people at Seeedstudio are developing a new portable Digital Osciloscope: New DSO. Preliminary specification:

  • 2 Analog channel
  • 20mV to 10V/div
  • 30Mhz bandwidth
  • Analog signal generator output 10hz~20kHz
  • Digital signal generator output 10hz~8MHz square wave
  • Target price >$150

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