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Ultimate Placid…

  • Includes a second auxiliary 5V regulated supply to power accessories and controllers.
  • Both transformers are rated at 1000 mA
  • Case as heatsink for all power transistors and regulators. This works much better in transferring heat outside of the case than individual heatsinks
  • 1.77 Kg (3.9 lbs)

I used a large amount of recycled electronics to build the power supply:

  • Two transformers from wall warts
  • Aluminum plate for clamping the transformers from PC server front bezel
  • Case, with EMI filter from PC server power supply
  • Copper shielding are from the insides of DELL laptop power supplies
  • 5V regulator is from a wall-wart
  • White ceramic TO-220 clamp (used in the Placid pre-regulator) taken from UPS
  • Screws and wiring
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