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I found these photos while perusing the web (I think they are  from Serbia…)

The gray LCD is very good looking on the brushed aluminum case (superb workmanship I might say…)

I got more photos form the builder of this work of art… Better looking than most commercial implementations BRAVO!

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  1. Sync
    2011/08/26 at 14:13

    Work of my hands…
    LCD has white backlight. ;)


    • BlogGeanDo
      2011/08/26 at 15:36

      WOW! That is some skill. Congratulations! I think I might borrow more of your pictures and post them here :-)

  2. Sync
    2011/08/26 at 15:42

    Feel free to do that… ;)

  3. 2011/08/26 at 19:24

    Did you make the case? What about the knobs? Very nice.

  4. Sync
    2011/08/26 at 22:30

    Thanks guys!
    Case and knobs are custom made on my spec…

  5. Chang LH
    2011/08/26 at 22:54

    The case is so well made with a high end finish! Must have been machined from thick aluminium plates.

  6. Sync
    2011/08/26 at 23:00

    Yes…front and sides are from 10mm trick alu…top and bottom are 3mm alu…rear is 5mm alu.

    • BlogGeanDo
      2011/08/28 at 15:22

      If you don’t mind sharing, How much did it cost?

      • Sync
        2011/08/28 at 18:16

        Case (CNC milling), knobs and feet’s came about 120 EU..

  7. Anonymous
    2011/08/27 at 12:53

    Nice job…where did you find LCD with white backlight?

  8. Sync
  9. Sync
  10. 2011/09/09 at 19:50

    Sync, where did you made this case? As it’s really cheap to get such quality product for 120EUR.

  11. Pepe
    2011/09/28 at 18:54

    yes please Sync, where did you get that case made ?. I falled in love with the finishing.


  12. Sync
    2011/10/08 at 18:47

    Sorry guys…case is made here on different places…I made drawings, second guy did machining, third anodising…

    • 2011/10/08 at 20:26

      Can you maybe show/post drawings? Or even send them on email?

  13. Pepe
    2011/10/16 at 10:14

    Sync, what material is the top cover ? … it just amaze me every time I see your pictures. You should consider seriously on selling these ones !!


  14. Pepe
    2011/10/16 at 10:16

    I second Igor´s petition …. if you post the drawings there is a chance to have them made in places like frontpanelexpress or something like that.

  15. Sync
    2011/10/30 at 18:21

    Sorry guys…it has to be unique one ;)
    Beside that…shipping from Serbia can be far too expensive. So I assume that price will be about 250eu at your doors.

  16. zoka959
    2013/01/19 at 04:19

    Hello Sync,
    I am from Serbia also and very interested in using Arduino to control my double ACKO DAC
    AKD16 (Sabre 9016 chip).Are you willing to give mi some guidance to set the Arduino for that purpose , off course money option is no problem.
    Svako dobro

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